Ode to a Food Blogger

I’m a little obsessed with the food blogger, Deb of SmittenKitchen.   Because she loves food.  Not just loves to cook and eat, but really savors every crumb and flavor she plays with, and writes it down with an infectious pleasure.   She doesn’t get hung up on the health aspect.  If she wants to bake a cake, then she bakes a cake.  No matter if it is a rainy Wednesday or a weekend birthday party.  She is a firm believer in taking a fancy recipe and making it easier, like making a three-bowl recipe into a one-bowl recipe.  Less dishes!  And best of all, even though she puts measurements on her recipes, I strongly suspect that she rarely actually measures, except in baking.  Her recipes are often peppered with …“when I say blueberries, you could sub in raspberries, or…” and similar such encouragement to take the recipe and make it your own.

And her pictures!  Everything looks so ready for a huge delicious bite.  Here’s a few of her recipes I’ve made recently, all with my own changes, (recipes are more like guidelines).

To feed a hungry man after eleven hours of physical labor, with only a sandwich to eat during the day: parmesan crusted pork chops.  No judging our grain heavy meal!  Sometimes I have all I can handle just to put enough calories for energy into my man.

Btw, those are ‘smashed potatoes’. Oh.My.Goodness.Delicious. Boil them, smash them, and oven-roast them in olive oil/s/p until crispy.

This week I made my version of her Asparagus, Choriso, and Croutons.  Amazing.  Another of my favorites is her Everyday Chocolate Cake.

And last week I made her Rhubard Snacking cake.  A layer of tender cake batter, then fresh rhubarb, and crumble on top.  The best of three dessert genres.  Yum.  Here it is in process, it didn’t last long enough for me to get a picture of the finished product, but go over to smittenkitchen.com and see the pictures.  Or just go buy some rhubarb and make it.

Assembling the layers for Rhubarb Snacking Cake

In other food news this is what I make for dinner when I have been deprived of burgers for too long…

Ryan’s Burger.


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