A Sister’s Birthday

It is my sister’s 20th birthday today.  We celebrated a little early on Sunday afternoon.  This is the sister who a couple years ago de-moted me to the younger sister.  So even if I am 5 years older, she is the older sister.  Considering she is the more put together between us, it’s probably a good thing I don’t carry the title.

We kept it simple at the parents, and mom made a delicious devil’s food cake with espresso buttercream.

Ryan worked his magic at the grill.  Seriously, how did this man learn to grill so well?  It’s incredible.  His latest is perfectly grilled asparagus.

One of the few pictures of her actually smiling…

Grace and Dad

Bring on the cake.  (Grace is signing ‘please’ in baby sign language. She learned that habit from someone, not me.)


Annnndd….a little after lunch baseball practice.  Three-man baseball game. I played shortstop/2nd base/third base/pitcher, depending on what Ryan yelled at me after he threw the ball.   Grace and I have about 2% baseball ability.   Ryan is really good.  Thankfully he is also very patient with two cake-sugar-hyper girls attempting to catch a ball.


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