Chicken Coop

While I’m pretty sure that ‘cuteness’ isn’t on the list of requirements for a chicken coop, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

We’ve been pondering the idea of getting some hens for our developing urban-farm backyard. (Come on, strawberries and kale and basil totally count as an urban farm)  We haven’t broached the hen idea with our landlord yet…

Ryan is very capable of building an attractive coop with all necessary stuff like nest boxes and roosting pegs and run.  But we still had to enter to win this beauty:

It is from Agrarian, which is William Sonoma’s (drool) line for backyard farming/food preservation/gardening.  Mostly for a farmer with cash to spare, but their products are charming and seem quite useable.  And seriously the prettiest.


3 thoughts on “Chicken Coop

    1. Well…we’d really like to. But haven’t talked to our landlord yet to find out whether it’d be okay. And whether it’s worth building a coop and then trying to move it in the next year or two.

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