Roadtrip to Spokane

Last weekend we roadtripped the Interstate across the state for a friend’s wedding. (I’ll post about the wedding soon!) Ryan laughs at how excited I get about even a short and exhausting roadtrip across the state.  But I love traveling so much that even Spokane has it’s charms. (And as much as I love caring for our home, it’s nice to have a weekend that has no list of backlogged-from-the-work-week house chores attached)

As we made our way through downtown Seattle, we passed this van.  This van contained about eight goats, bleating, a couple of them shaking their horns, and all fighting for a look out the back window.  It was the funniest thing to see in a bustling metropolis.

We stayed with a friend in Coeur D’Alene.  Ryan loves Coeur D’Alene, and is always hoping we get a chance to move there.  It is a little town right on a lake and close to mountains, both of which it would be hard to live without, so I’m less opposed to it than some other options.

On Sunday before starting the drive back we got coffee and walk at Spokane Falls.  It’s comforting knowing that no matter where in the world we travel or move, he and I will at several points in time sit and drink coffee together.

The river and falls were so swollen with snow melt that we were dodging spray as we crossed the bridge.  Ryan took the opportunity to hold me in the spray until I was damp.  And yet I still love him…

The weather in Eastern Washington was mild and sunny, and it was a bit of a shock to pack away the sunglasses for Seattle’s wind and rain wreaking havoc on tree blossoms.


3 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Spokane

  1. I like your blog. But whuddya mean, “even Spokane”!? No, nevermind. Don’t tell me. — Nancy Lewis

  2. Hey…nice to read your blog and see a couple pics of you two. I still do not know what Ryan’s new job really is…let me know, ok? Glad that you got out…I say never let this love of seeing and experiencing other places and people get put aside in your lives. Always keep doing it and take your children along, raising them to know and appreciate and love people and places outside of themselves! I didn’t get to do that much in Ryan’s upbringing, but so glad to see what he has done since then.
    I love you both, please don’t ever forget that or me, ok?


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