Spring is for Gardening

We’ve gotten so many days of sunny spring weather these last weeks, a HUGE treat for Seattle in April.  Tulips and hyacinth are blooming everywhere.  I  made Ryan come stand in the grass barefoot with me.  He takes very good care of  lawns but doesn’t soak in the joy of  soft green grass between your toes.

We wanted to do some gardening, but buying plants and thatching the lawn on a rental were out.  But we did til up the beds and trim the bushes and plant sunflowers.  (‘we’  means about 80%  Ryan)   Someday soon all the sunflowers will be poking out in here:

We gave the strawberry patch some TLC, maybe we’ll get some berries this year from these plants picked up at a garage sale.  Unfortunately the winter and weeds weren’t very kind to it!   I want to plant some herbs in there too.  Maybe basil and rosemary and chives and parsley.

Yard work transfers right into car work, here’s Ryan in one of his favorite spots.  Our new Pathfinder is in need of attention before we drive it.  He’s trying to get the exhaust system off so he can weld the breaks. Then it needs a new rear bumper and bumper frame. Then we’ll be riding in style.


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