Real Desserts

Years ago I moved away from home and my mother’s cooking.  I was a little shocked to be so regularly offered brownies out of a box, cake made with mix, and dessert recipes that called for things like Cool Whip, Oreos, and Reeses.  I thought those just existed on grocery shelves and occasional emergencies.

They tasted good, but I always paid dearly for them in physical responses.   By a couple years more I couldn’t eat them for fear of the relentless pounding headache, stomachache and unpredictable digestion.  I can’t eat anything with unpronounceable ingredients without spending the evening flat on the couch regretting that small handful of jelly beans, Ritz crackers, or a Five Guys burger (Not that it stops me from occasionally indulging).

First I thought we should stop eating desserts and sugar. But there’s a slim chance of that happening living with Ryan-sweet-tooth.  Gradually I started thinking the way this lady, Jamie, does. (Only not nearly so succinctly and eloquent as she)  There’s nothing wrong with a little dessert in the evening, as long as it isn’t over sized servings and it is made with real ingredients.  I don’t feel quilty about dessert when I know I can buy each ingredient individually as a real food product.

After all, real cake is just comprised of the same eggs you ate for breakfast, the flour in your bread, some unbleached natural sugar (in our case), cocoa powder, and butter like you just sauteed onions for dinner in.  Nothing wrong there in a moderate dose to finish dinner.  Last weekend we had a banana cake which had a handful of chocolate chips, and only a couple tablespoons of sugar and some honey, and it was soft and delicious.  And I won’t feel a bit bad about one of these chocolate cupcakes tonight.


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