Being Responsible Adults = a Pathfinder!

Responsible adults are supposed to have a savings account right?  Halfway through our first year of marriage we thought we should start acting like responsible adults.   Suddenly there were things like flying to family for holidays and a reliable car that could someday fit car-seats and a potential down payment on a house.  Things with price tags we couldn’t just  pop into our regular expenses.

So we started organizing our money instead of living hand-to-mouth.  And realized this time we could actually choose the type of car we wanted.   It wasn’t a situation of  ‘I have a friend with a car that is an amazing deal and I never wanted to drive a white car but oh well.’    We put new-to-us used tires on my old Camry (the most ghetto waiting room experience of my life) and held our breath through the winter.  Ryan was SO consistent about perusing Craigslist for a vehicle with minor damage (cosmetic or otherwise) that he could fix himself, but which knocks a good sized chunk off the price.

Last weekend we found two answers to prayer.  A gorgeous Forerunner and a pretty Pathfinder. (I think Ryan would use alternate adjectives)  The Forerunner was sold out from under us, which is the trouble with Craigslist.  But the guy with the Pathfinder was great.  So we put our word down on the Pathfinder on Monday and picked it up on Thursday.  The guy was even so kind as to run it through the car wash before meeting us so it was nice and shiny.  Ryan needs to do some welding to the exhaust pipe and eventually put on a new bumper. And there’s a crack across the windshield, but all of our cars have that.

Here it is!

Certainly an upgrade from this:   (PS: I dearly love this car, and will probably cry when we sell it.  Certainly will miss the 5-speed manual!)


8 thoughts on “Being Responsible Adults = a Pathfinder!

  1. Nice! Now lets put it to the test, hmm? See if it will drive to Montana and back. 🙂
    To think, you could have TRIPLETS and still keep the car!

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