Freud’s Last Session

Last weekend we pretended to be very cultured and went to a stage play.  We had a leisurely Saturday afternoon in the rain, sipping coffee in a cafe, squinting through the raindrops to window shop a few antique places, and then caught the matinee.  We didn’t know what to expect from this West Coast premier of Freud Last Session at the Taproot Theatre.  An hour and a half stage production consisting of two men in a conversation?  Hmmm…at least we’ll be grateful for the coffee.

We enjoyed every minute of it.  It was a play written of what a conversation might have been between C.S. Lewis and Freud.   It had enough humor and movement to keep you thoroughly engaged.  We loved the “phrase dropping” (The nerdier version of name-dropping?) throughout: references to the writings and lives of both men, as well as the circumstances they were in in the 40’s when air raid sirens were common.  The actor who played Lewis wrote in the program that he has developed a phobia of being cast as a dead theologian since being cast as both Bonhoeffer and Lewis in the same year.

It was not an incredibly deep piece, but presented the conflicting worldviews and arguments of the two brilliant contemporaries.  We’d recommend it!  Here’s a friend trying out a replica of Freud’s couch.

How does that make you feel?

I can’t wait until they stage Dorothy Sayer’s novel Gaudy Night in September.


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