Shower in Blue

I had the opportunity to host a friend’s wedding shower.  She is the fiance of a good friend of our’s, and we are so excited for them to get married and her be here in Seattle all the time.   Racking my brain for a good shower theme, (the last shower I attended was pear themed, so cute!) I decided to go with the color blue as a theme.  It turned out to be so much fun to plan. I didn’t theme the food blue, because who wants to drink blue punch or blue cupcakes…we’d all have blue teeth.  So instead a friend helped me make a bunch of blue tissue pompoms, and we used blue and white for dishes and serving ware, and I couldn’t resist purchasing a blue gift off her registry.

Here are all the tissue pompoms, creating some overhead drama.

And the food.  A friend made a pile of the most delicious meringues.  I may have eaten six. Both the chocolate coconut and the lemon almond.

And a bright blue gift.

I couldn't resist

And some of the helpful ladies

And then we were off to Idaho for a fly-by weekend trip for our nephew’s baptism.  And to see our many pieces of family that live there.  Per usual, I forgot to bring my face-wash.  But we have a new ipod so we had music in the car for the first time of making that trip! Nothing like Hwy 26 to Mumford and Sons.


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