First Anniversary

Can’t believe we’ve been married a year already!  We’ve certainly learned in leaps and bounds, and it gets better every day. We went North to Orcas Island in the San Juan’s for the weekend. It was perfectly lazy and quiet. We stayed in a cabin above Deer Harbor with a fireplace (essential) and a hot tub on the deck.  We also discovered that we very handily planned our anniversary around the Park’s Department’s Birthday, so it’s free to get into State Parks.

Riding the Ferry across Puget Sound
Out from Deer Harbor Marina
A soggy hike on Mt Constitution
We did alot of sitting and drinking coffee.
Obstruction Pass State Park.
Ryan trying to strangle me with seaweed.

We came back on Sunday evening, and since our real anniversary was Monday the 19th, we went to dinner at Staple and Fancy, an Ethan Stowell restaurant. The best part for indecisive people like me is you don’t have to order. You just ask for the Chef’s Fancy, and they bring you four unexpected courses of deliciousness. We started with things like Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with Pickled Scallions and White Fish Crostini. In the middle there was Lamb Ragu over housemade pasta and Beef Tenderloin with grilled leeks. And we finished off with Ricotta Cheesecake with Almond Crust garnished with Lemon Curd and a pistachio cookie. I forgot the camera, but here’s a pic I scavanged off the web of the dining room, a remodeled hardware store in Ballard.

Staple and Fancy

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